What We Learn from Buffalo, Oakland


First off, I apologize. I have been meaning to write this post for a long time, but am just now getting to it. From the title of the post, I gather you can tell what I’m discussing and so therefore I’ll get right to it …

First thing we learn from both is that they are both good football teams.  I’m fairly certain that no one expected or predicted last Monday nights games to unfold the way they did.  So first things first, I think we realize that both of these are good football teams.

I mean they were playing the Patriots and the Chargers! And they played well!

Exactly 97.6% of the sports world has one of these two teams going to AND winning the Super Bowl.  Including precisely 100% of the staff at ESPN.  (They fired whoever chose anyone else.)  I mean it was the Bills against the Patriots and San Diego against Oakland for heaven’s sake. Both of these games were supposed to be blowouts! And they both went down to the wire!

Second thing we learn is that both New England and San Diego are beatable.  I think many people entered this season thinking that New England, and maybe even San Diego, would be untouchable. As in perfect, as in no losses.  Well I think what we learn from Monday night is that both of these teams can be beat AND will be beat. In all fairness, both Buffalo and Oakland should have won those games.  A different play here or there, maybe a bit better coaching, and each team walks away victorious.

Will New England lose this weekend to the Jets? Probably not. Will San Diego lose to Baltimore this weekend? Well … honestly, I think they might, but they might just pull it out as well. All I know that before the season is over, I believe if last Monday night is any indication, both of these teams have a couple ticks in the loss column.  If they want to make good on all those ESPN analysts predictions, they’ll have to improve greatly when the play the likes of the Steelers, the Colts, and the Giants just to name a few.