The Peyton Manning Show, 2009 Edition, Begins Now


The day is finally here. The 2009 football season is underway and opening Sunday has finally arrived.

In a mere 30 minutes the action gets underway and Peyton Manning and crew take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. I’m starting to feel a little funny inside, kind of like when you climb the rope in gym class. Yeah, I get that excited for football.

The Titans have lost their season opener and already give the Colts a chance to get a leg up on the division. Many of the folks at Yahoo and ESPN call a win for the Colts. And naturally I’m with them, for once maybe they know what they’re talking about!

A few keys for the Colts: stop the run game, get the Jags offense off the field and let Manning do his thing. Special teams play will also play a role, as the Indy unit needs to improve.

X-Factor for the Colts: Dallas Clark, with the Jags focusing on Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez working the other side, look for Clark to have a big game over the middle.

Final Prediction: Colts win, somewhere in the 27-14 range sounds about right

It’a about that time folks! Kick off is a mere minutes away – check back here later tonight for the recap and all the top game stories.