Football is Here!


First off, apologies for the lack in posting. There has been plenty to cover, but I’m just starting back classes as well as starting a new job and internship, so It’s been a bit busy – but no fear! I am back and ready to rock and ready to roll. So naturally, the biggest storyline of the morning is …


Yes my friends indeed it is. Last night I missed most of the game, but was stunned to walk into the bedroom (my wife was asleep but had the game on ofcourse!) to see that early in the 4th quarter it was only 7-7.  I coudn’t believe it. What a great way to start the season, with a little bit of free football there as the Steelers pulled out the win.  Honestly, I figured the Steelers would win, but in a much easier fashion – which makes me ask – how did the Titans do it? Are they really this good? Or are the Super Bowl Champs just still a little tired from all the celebrating?

(Seperate Note: Article already up on Yahoo calling Big Ben  “Best Clutch QB” – yeah right more on that later)

But Anyways … the point is football is back! And we are only a mere two days away from seeing our beloved Colts in action! This morning in the shower I was giddy, getting my coffee I was giddy, and typing this I am giddy – all because I am so absolutely stoked for the Colts to start their season.

The truth is that there are many very intriguing story lines in the NFL right now: Jay Cutler to Chicago, Brett Favre is back, Shawne Merriman is still a douche bag,  and Michael Vick is reinstated amongts many, many other stories.  For many teams, these stories can carry some negative weight. But despite all the changes, there are very few things that genuinely worry me about this years Colts. I think even with all the coaching changes and roster shake ups that this will still be a very, very good football team.

Ok, well I am off to school for now – but a game preview is on the way very, very soon! GO COLTS !!!