First Cuts Made, Who Else Will Go?


The Indianapolis Star is already reporting that four players have already been let go. The four players included cornerback Dante Hughes, a third round pick in 2007, cornerback Nick Graham and offensive lineman Steve Justice who saw some playing time last season after being drafted in the sixth round.

In a stunning move (to me atleast) the Colts also let go of defensive tackle Adrian Grady.  I like Grady and thought he added nice depth to the rotation at DT. As sited on Stampede Blue, hopefully he makes the practice squad and can develop more there. But I would not be surprised if another team grabs him first.

The Colts were in good shape this preseason and had several very good players who were going to have a hard time making the team.  We all knew good players would be cut, just like Curtis Johnson and Adrian Grady.  It’s bittersweet, but we trust Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell are making the right decisions.

These moves beg the question – who’s next? The Colts still have to trim 19 more players. Some possible candidates are running backs Walter Mendenhall, Lance Ball and Chad Simpson. Tight ends Jamie Petrowski and Tom Santi. And a whole handful of receivers including Samuel Giguere, Brett McDermott, John Matthews and Taj Smith.  Defensive players include  DT John Gill, backs Travis Key, Jacob Lacey,  TJ Rushing, and Matt Giordano.  And linebackers Ramon Humber, Michael Tauiliili, Jodan Senn, Freddy Keiaho and Tyjuan Hagler.

Personally, I’d like to see Ball, Giordano, Senn and Humber make the team. I either liked them in the past or saw enough to like them this year.  I think the Colts are high on Santi and will keep him and will find a way to keep Keiaho and Hagler.  Also, I like what Taj Smith has done and would like to see him make the practice squad.

Ultimately, your guess is as good as mine!

Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell and the coaching staff have the information they need, and they know more about each of these players than I ever will. So when the next round of surprise cuts come – as they already have –  although I might be upset or a tad confused, it’s all ok because In Polian I trust!

More updates as the day progesses – GO COLTS !!!