Adam Seward released; Signed by Jags


In a surprise move, the Indianapolis Colts released middle linebacker Adam Seward over the weekend.

He was not unemployed for long.

On Monday he was signed by a division rival, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The transaction continues the curious trend of former Colts players staying in the AFC South.  The news has mostly flew under the radar, since Seward is primarily a back-up player.  After four seasons with the Carolina Panthers, the Colts signed Seward in March to be a back-up to starter Gary Brackett.  The release comes as a surprise (to me at least) because I liked the addition of Seward to the Colts Defense.  He added some good size, he’s 6-3 and 250 pds, to a Colts D built for speed.

Seward was released to make room for running back Walter Mendenhall (Rashard’s older brother).  Not sure how I feel about the move, but Mike Hart is banged up and the coaches felt the need for another body at RB.  Apparently, it also signals the coaches are happy with the other linebackers, including return players Freddy Keiaho and Tyjaun Hagler,  on the roster.  The corresponding pick up by the Jags seems to be an upgrade for them at an injury depleted position.

Releasing Seward is also a let down to me, because Sewars is the lone player I really spoke with at Traning Camp the other week and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.  I even interrupted him with his gf/wife (sorry, not sure!) and had her take a picture.  So yeah, I got Seward’s autograph and a good picture with the guy and now he’s a Jaguar. Bummer.

Either way, hopefully the moves work well for both teams.  Good luck to Seward with the Jags, but ofcourse not too much on September 13th!