Yeah, I liked the G.I. Joe Movie


Ok, I know this is not really football related, however, I feel the need to post it. I’m a G.I. Joe fanatic, as in I played with them as a kid, then started actually collecting them in high school, and now my old room is full of everything G.I. Joe – the figures, lunchboxes, t-shirts, you name it – I got it.

So despite numerous people telling me it would be horrible, it was craptastic, and that it got the worst film reviews ever, I still had to go see the new G.I. Joe movie. And guess what??

Yeah, I actually really liked it.

Now, I didn’t get to see it on opening night since I was out of the country on my honeymoon, and I can give you a list of probably 10 things (at least) that don’t flow with the comic book, but still it was an action packed movie that I really enjoyed.

Yes, the acting was terrible. Yes, there were plenty of cheesy one-liners. And yes there was even a bad love story tangled inside. Buf if you enter the movie knowing this – that you’re about to view spotty acting with bad dialogue – and just take it as the action flick that it is, well then I think you’ll be just fine.

So, before the summer is finally over and you’re back into the fall routine before you know it, go see this movie. If nothing else, just know that Snake Eyes is awesome just like in the comics.

And now you know and knowing is half the battle.