Back in the Saddle


Hello to all of you out there in the amazing world of!

I apologize for the hiatus in blogging, which included minimial posts in June and then absolutely nothing in July. To banter on and provide some sort of excuse for my poor blogging behavior, I got married on August 1st and July ended up being a lot busier and a lot more stressful than I had hoped!

However, that is all done and now I am a happily married man! The wedding is complete, the honeymoon is over and now I’m back in Indiana. And now it’s on to some serious blogging!

So if any of you want to talk anything Indianapolis Colts – like how they are going to be awesome this year! – hit me up here so we can discuss all things Colts. And for any of you who disagree, let me know thoughts as well! That way I can convince you that Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in all the league!

Read the posts, leave a comment (or two or three) and ofcourse …