Forgetting Brandon Marshall


Ok, so I have to admit, I only used that title because Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a hilarious movie.  If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it. It may not seem that great, but its one of those movies that only gets better the more you see it.  Paul Rudd, per usual, is great and Mila Kunis also looks pretty doggone good.  Of course, I probably over exaggerated how good Kunis actually looked when I first saw the movie because I was overseas and had not seen a good looking female in the flesh for months on end.

Anyways …

Onto some football stuff.  I went and played poker at a little place down in Fishers and for a few minutes the conversation turned to football. I was sitting at a table with a Bears fan and so I asked his thoughts on Brandon Marshall.  He said he was in favor of a move for the Denver wide receiver, but saidhe didn’t think it would happen.  I’m in favor of the move and said, “why not?” They already went and got the stud quarterback in Jay Cutler, why not get the stud receiver?  It’s kind of like going to a five star restaurant, getting the $ 21 appetizer, a bottle of classy wine, the $58 steak and then passing on dessert.  It just doesn’t make much sense.  Marshall is familiar with Cutler and his cannon arm and immediately gives the Bears a legit number one.  I think it’s a good move.

The guy wasn’t disagreeing, but he brought up another good option for the Bears (or so i think) in going after Anquan Boldin.  Could you imagine Boldin for the Bears? He’s a great all around reciever and a proven pass catcher.  An immediate threat, he would only help open the middle up for Greg Olson and Devin Hester.  Another good fit, I do believe.

The conversation stayed focused on wide receivers and I asked about Marvin Harrison.  The consensus, from most of the guys at the table – the common folk in Indy if you will, was that Harrison would return to the Colts before the season starts.  I’m a bit skeptical, especially now that there are talks that Harrison could go to the Vikings, but I’d love to see him back in the horseshoe helmet.

Another comment was on former Ram Torry Holt, who has signed with Colts foe Jacksonville Jaguars.  Several guys think he still hasn’t something in the tank and will do well in Jacksonville, I on the other hand disagree.  I think he will have some good games, but he won’t have superstar numbers or produce like he did with Kurt Warner and even Marc Bulger.  The Jags are a run first offense and quarterback David Garrard is no Kurt Warner.

After our little chat we returned to poker. I made it to the final two tables, but after that I faded quickly.  And wouldn’t you know it, before I even knew what happenned, I had forgotten all about Brandon Marshall.