Monday Morning Quick Hits


First off, that last post was supposed to be posted Saturday afternoon, but it wasn’t – I thought I hit “publish”, but apparently I did not.  And then I wanted to write this post last night, but I didn’t.  So here it is, some Monday morning “Quick Hits” or just little thoughts or side notes or whatever you want to call them!

– Continuing with injury news, Joseph Addai is still taking it easy and not participating in mini camp or team work outs. This is ok, as reports say he’ll be good to go for the start of the season.  I’ll say it again a healthy Addai and healthy Mike Hart, coupled with Donald Brown is a very, very good thing for this Colts offense.

– Plaxico Burress apparently wants to play this year.  I say if you do the crime, you do the time.  If something works out and he plays, great, but I’m not losing sleep over it.  It’s reported that the Bucs, the Bears, and the Jets are interested.  I really don’t want to see him play for the Bears, or the Jets really, so the Bucs it is ?!?

– Speaking of wide receivers, how does Marvin Harrison not have a job? Either no one is interested, he still wants way to much money, or he is just one major mini camp injury away from being back in football.

– So who is going to be the quarterback in Minnesota ?? Brett Favre ?? Tarvaris Jackson ?? Jeff George ?? Sage Rosenfels ?? Owen Wilson’s twin brother that no one knows about ?? Who is it going to be ??

– Talking quarterback, a friend and I were talking, and we started chatting about Mike Vick.  When my friend brought up a good question, could Mike Vick play for the Raiders?  I mean there are some big questions here, like have they given up on Jamarcus Russel and would Al Davis even go for it.  But Davis has been known to make some controversial decisions to show that he is still a football genius.  (See: this years draft, and actually every other draft before that, Lane Kiffin, DeAngelo Hall, and etc,etc)

– And finally, it’s reported that Tom Moore and Howard Mudd will both return to the Colts and have similar roles to years past.  They may not carry the same title, but 18to88, Stampede Blue, The Indy Star and everyone else says they will return to the team.  See, now all is well, and maybe now Peyton Manning will be happy and start focusing on the important things – like showing Curtis Painter how to hold a clipboard.