Injury Update: Vinatieri has Surgery


The other day I was scouring my brain for possible topic to write about.  With the news about Marlin Jackson and others returning to practice, I thouhgt it seemed fit to write about the Colts returning to full strength.

So just when I was about to start typing a post on how the Colts are finally getting healthy, I see this headline on Yahoo Sports: Colts’ Vinatieri undergoes hip surgery.  UGH.  My heart sanked and my stomach felt empty. 

A kicker ?? Having hip surgery ?? Not Good!!

But as the brief article states that Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri, absolutely one of the most clutch and most successful kickers to ever play in the NFL,  should be back by the Colts season opener on September 13th.  Hopefully this is an accurate estimate for his return.  The Colts minus Vinatieri is not a good thing at all.  In what seems to be a “just in case” or insurance move, kicker Billy Cundiff, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys has been brought in for a try-out.

In other injury new, Joseph Addai and Mike Pollak were held out of OTA’s.  Not the greatest of news for two players who certainly play major roles in the Colts offense.  The good news is that other Colts are looking to be getting healthy in other areas, Jackson is ahead of schedule on his recovery and running back Mike Hart is also supposed to be back to start the season.  In other news it’s reported that Peyton Manning has spoke with head coach Jim Caldwell and is happy, or at least settled down, on the whole coaching situation.  See, like I said – no big deal.

And in completely seperate news, I must sign off for now, my sister is getting married and I have to throw on the tux and head out for an evening of complete awkwardness and unrivaled family tension.  Whatever you’re doing – have a better Saturday night than me !!