A Bunch of Quick Thoughts


It’s almost June, literally, as in just a few hours it will be June 1st.

This really has so importance what-so-ever, only that we are another month closer to football starting again – and I say Hallelujah to that brother!  I love baseball, I mean I love it, but nothing compares to the excitement of the NFL and following your favorite team from week to week.  But unfortunately with it only being June, baseball is going full steam and there is not much football news.   There’s some, but beyond the coaching debacle, not much is happenning Colts related.

So since there’s no major story to cover and it’s been a few days since my last post, here’s a bunch of quick thoughts:

– I’m a huge Cubs fan … great win yesterday, now I’m watching them get smoked 8-2 … not good

– 18to88 says Marvin could be headed to the Bucs … ofcourse, more on this later

– I’m sick of Brett Favre – I am NOT in favor of him going to the Vikes (or anywhere really)

– I wish Jay Cutler were a nicer guy.  I love him on the football field, but it seems like he ticked off a lot of fans with the whole Denver situation and now it’s said he’s upsetting fans in Chicago.  Hopefully it’s not all true.

– I am very, very glad there is not a QB controversy in Indy.

– I went to a Roller Derby match last night in Indy, yeah Roller Derby – definitely more on this later

– OH MY GOSH !! Tom Brady is back !! ESPN reported it about 549 times last week

– With nothing much else football to talk about ESPN (and I believe SI) were talking about Brady vs. Manning – honestly, I doubt Brady returns to his 2007 status.  He had a great year, but I don’t even think he’ll be able to come close to matching those numbers.  Manning, coming off an injury, still won the MVP last season.  There is no reason to believe that with a healthy offensive line and improved running game that Manning couldn’t improve on last year’s numbers. Naturally, much, much more on this later.

–   There are official sports jersey wearing rules … and it upsets me when people break them

– I work at Lowe’s.  I work in the Outside Lawn and Garden department.  It sucks.  I thought it would be a nice summer job and be a change of pace compared to waiting tables.  Well I work about 39.5 hours a week and it stinks pretty good.  I should not be complaining about having a job – but I am.  It’s tiring work, some customers are really rude, and I come home beat and not wanting to do anything but drink a beer and go to bed.

– I just saw a commercial that Will Ferrel is going to be on “Men vs. Wild” with Bear Grylls … I can only imagine how hilarious this is going to be – count me in

And lastly to wrap it up, some good Colts news:

It’s reported that Marlin Jackson has already returned to practice after having major knee surgery last December.  He is supposedly way ahead of the expected rehab time.  This is GREAT news.  Jackson is an extremely solid cornerback and will return to a secondary that actually performed very well without him last year.  A healthy Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden combo at cornerback is a very, very good thing for Colts fans.

Also, it’s reported that Mike Hart’s recovery is also going very, very well and he could return to practice very soon as well.  Once again the return of Hart could be huge for the 2009 Colts and help them improve on a pretty terrible run game from last season.  A backfield with Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, and Mike Hart sounds pretty doggone good to me.