Peyton Upset = No Big Deal


The past few weeks have seen a plethora of changes for the Indianapolis Colts coaching staff.  At this point all the changes are about as clear a as college level trig class taught in Portugese.

And there’s one person who’s had enough – and that person is Peyton Manning.

The usually quiet quarterback went public today with his unhappiness surrounding the Colts coaching staff and all it’s uncertainty.  Many of the comments seem to be simply out of frustration, but a few also carry that slight tinge of “I’m actually pretty pissed off cause I don’t know what the crap is going on here.”

Manning, who will often give lengthy post game interviews and discuss gameplay in great detail, is usually hush hush when it comes to Colts management and roster moves.  And that’s as he should be in my opinion.  I believe management has a role, they manage and players have a role, they play.  So I always like it when a player does his talking on the field and not in the locker room or to the media.  But today Manning could keep quiet no longer.

Ofcourse Stampede Blue, 18to88, and Colts blogger John Oesher have all already commented on the situaiton as well, each providing their own take on Manning’s comments.  A link to the original story by Indy Star writer Mike Chappell can be found here.

Now this morning when I saw Peyton Manning’s name on the Sportscenter scroll bar, I had no idea what to expect.  But when I heard what it was all about, I was actually a bit surprised.  Now after mulling it over for most of the day (and seeing it again and again online), I’ve finally decided that really it’s no big deal.

Ok, ok so some of the ESPN guys felt it was out of line and he was throwing the new coaches under the bus.   And maybe he was.  Like I said, I really don’t like this type of stuff, so would I have prefered Manning to maybe not say anything at all? Sure.  But maybe it was good he did say something, maybe now we’ll finally get some clarity on the issue.  Colts president Bill Polian has already commented on the situation and hopefully more answers will be on the way.

Really I just think Manning was frustrated, but think about it.  Wouldn’t you be too? If there was a major overhaul at your work – and you’re a perfectionist who has worked with basically the same staff for 11 years – wouldn’t you be a little upset? I’m pretty sure I would be.  So I’m chalking it up to frustration and Peyton being a little ticked off that even as the face of the franchise he doesn’t know what is going on.

So ultimately he did speak his mind, but alas, he’s Peyton Manning and he’s human just like the rest of us.  I think he’s just a little frustrated – that’s all.  And that’s why it’s no big deal.