What I’d like to see Marvin Harrison do


The past week or two there has been some conversation re-emerge about Marvin Harrison.  First SI writer Peter King said Harrison was done, citing Harrison’s age and bum knee. Then King was rebuffed when it was reported that Marvin wants to play in the 2009 NFL season.  So if we believe the idea that Marvin is not going to retire and he does indeed want to play, that only leads to one question – where???

A couple friends have asked me the same question recently and my fiance and i talked about it the other night as well.  The people want to know!  So, assuming Marv does not retire, here are my top three choices of what I’d like to see him do.

1.) Resign with Indy

This ofcourse is a no brainer.  He was let go because he was due a ridiculous amount of money and would not take a pay cut or restructure his deal.  However,  the Colts have around seven million in cap room and no other team has picked up Harrison.  So … if an agreeable deal could be met, it would be a win-win for both parties.  Marvin would still be playing football and the Colts would be favorites to win the AFC south if not the whole AFC.  Not to mention the greatest QB-WR tandem would be back in action.

2.) Sign with Philadelphia    

This option makes sense because Harrison is from Philadelphia and played college football with Donovan McNabb at Syracuse.  I think it would be a cool story and a cool way to retire, playing in front of your hometown and with the same QB who was throwing you touchdowns in college.  However, the Eagles just drafted WR stud Jeremy Maclin in the first round and grabbed another WR in the sixth.  They’ll only add to the youth of second year player Desean Jackson.  Really, I see Harrison going here as a stretch.  It might be nice, for him or even both parties, but i just don’t see it happenning he probably still wants to much money and does not really carry the role of a mentor type guy.

3.  The Wild Card

There is also a third team I’d really like to see Harrison play for, but as listed above it’s definitely the wild card.  There are plenty of teams who could use a veteran wide receiver – the Giants, the Vikings, the Dolphins and the list goes on.  And then there are several teams who probably would have no interest whatsoever – the Chargers, the Packers, the Steelers, and etc,etc.  So that winds us down to this one wild card team.  Who is you ask?

Well, I’d really like to see Marvin Harrison go to the Chicago Bears.  Yep – Da Bears.  I have said since the moment they traded for Jay Cutler that now they need to go get some recievers.  They have talent in Devin Hester,  but he is a slot guy and number three reciever, maybe a number two at very best.  And they have depth with Rashied Davis and Earl Bennet who both have much to prove.  The team also addressed the need in the draft, snagging three wide recievers including Juaquin Iglesias from Oklahoma.  So the team has players, but no true #1 and a true WR playmaker has yet to evolve.

Add Marvin Harrison into the mix and i believe this is a very deadly Bears offense.  Coupled with RB Matt Forte, TE Greg Olson, the stable of young WR’s, and their new gunslinger QB Jay Cutler – the addition of a veteran wide receiver like Marvin Harrison could be the very thing this team needs to push them over the top.