The First Post


Ok, now that the introduction is out of the way, we can get to the good stuff. And anyone with a football pulse knows there’s lot of good stuff for this year’s Indianapolis Colts.  Hopefully, in time, we’ll cover it all (and then some) here at Naptown’s Finest.

My main goals here at the site are to do a couple things. They primarily are: to provide thoughtful, well written posts from a fan’s perspective, to dig into the stats and produce legitmate praises and complaints,  to promote Colts football without outright bashing of Colts players or players of any team, and to provide a site for Colts fans to share their thoughts and feelings about Indy’s football team in a friendly and sensible way.

With that covered, it’s also wise to note that there are already several outstanding Colts blogs and websites that already exist – and do so quite well.  Stampede Blue, 18to88, and The Indy Football Report are all amazing sites that cover the Colts in amazing detail, often reporting Colts news before the local media does.  There is no way to compete with all of them and or try to blog better than they do, but that is not the idea anyway.  The goal is to provide great Colts coverage, just as they do, and even expand on the ideas they produce – probably agreeing with them often, and also probably disagreeing at times as well.

On a similar note,  I’m an optimist by nature,  seeing the glass as half full, and always finding the silver lining.  But if the glass is half full, or even less, I’m gonna let you know!

Finally, anyone following the Colts during the off season know there are changes a plenty for this year’s teams and as I’ve mentioned above, i hope to cover all of them at some point or another.  Some of the major topics, just to name a few are:

– the departure of Marvin Harrison

– shoring up the defensive line

– the impact of rookie running back Donald Brown

– the battle for #3 wide receiver

– depth at linebacker

– the loss of several assistant coaches and scouts

And as the ball gets rollling here we’ll only cover more and more Colts topics, including position battles, player profiles, provide some training camp insight and all that jazz! I know there are many topics i failed to mention above, but these are just a couple we’ll be looking at in the next few days and weeks, so come back soon and check us out!