An Introduction


Well Hello there! Let me take a minute to introduce myself, my name is Nick Pease and i’m the new lead blogger for Naptown’s Finest. Just to get it all over with and out of the way, let me tell you a little bit about me.

I’m 25, i was born in Muncie, Indiana and i’ve lived my entire life in the Hoosier state. I’m a HUGE Colts fan – i have been watching them since i was a child and have been a fan since the days of Marshall Faulk and Jim Harbaugh.  I consider myself a full-fledged Colts fanatic.  I have been there for every step of the Manning era and love anything and everything to do with Colts football.

I am currently engaged and my fiance, Caroline, is also a huge Colts fan.  She is from nothern Indiana and when we went to a Colts game last October (the Ravens blowout) i proposed to her at the game.  I contacted the Colts organization and they even gave us awesome seats – for free! –  and even had Blue the mascot help out, it was pretty freakin cool!  My fiance did not it expect at all and absolutely loved it, to say the least.

Besides being a Colts fan i’m just a huge sports nut in general. I like the Pacers, simply because they’re the home team, i really enjoy the NBA playoffs, and ofcourse i’m a huge IU basketball fan. But i was raised Catholic and live in Indiana, so i’m a Notre Dame fan as well.  Opposite the Colts is my other true love in sports – the Chicago Cubs. I’m a baseball freak and love the Cubbies just about as much as i love the Colts. I know, I know … it’s a life of heartache and misery so i’m at least happy the Colts have given me a championship!

Along with my addiction to sports, i also dabble in education.  I will be going back to Anderson University in the fall to finish one final semester of classes.  If all goes well i will graduate with a degree in Mass Communication (emphasis journalism)  and a GPA absolutely no higher than 3.0

So with all that said, i’m ecstatic to be the new lead blogger for Naptown’s Finest, and hopefully my education and passion for the Colts will help me write some intelligent, thoughtful, humorous and interesting posts that will make you love the Colts as much as I do!