Decision time for the Colts


Change, that is the word we heard all through this past election. A Change in direction, change in philosophy and a change in attitude. Change is what a lot of Colt fans are seeking.

Starting with the changing of the guard at wide receiver, God bless Marvin Harrison and all his years of service for the Colts, but age and injuries have finally caught up to the veteran. A couple of years ago Manning to Harrison for a touchdown were the scariest words in the NFL, but now it’s a memory.

Peyton to Wayne is the new phrase and an equally scary combination. Reggie Wayne is no longer the Robin to Harrison’s Batman. He has become Batman. And like most super hero’s he needs a new sidekick.

But the Colts need to decide if adding another Robin to the roster is more important then adding a run stopper on defense. The Colts offense proved last year that even without a healthy Marvin Harrison, they were still pretty much unstoppable.

Let’s get real here; the problem for the Colts has always been their defense. Even with Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders, the defense finished near the bottom of the NFL in run defense. And as most Colts fan can attest, with the exception of the Super Bowl run a few years ago, what always stops the Colts in the playeroffs is the defense.

San Diego proved that again this year, running up and down the field on them with their second string running back. I mean come on. The Colts defense made this guy look like an All-Pro. But the Colts offense though unstoppable at times, didn’t help by not having a good running game themselves.

Joseph Addai, although a pretty good running, back doesn’t seem to have enough fire power to be a closer when the Colts need him to be. The Colts need a Marion Barber type that when the game is on the line, can get that extra yard that is needed to shut the other team down.

Change is going to come to the Colts, but which direction they decide to go is going to be the question.