That Shouldn’t Have Happened


The Colts should not have won that game.  They played like crap in the second and third quarters and were down by 17 points with less than five minutes left.  We should not have won that game.

I was considering turning it off when we were down by 17 with 5 minutes left.  I considered turning it off when we didn’t recover that onside kick.  However, just a few plays later, Sage Rosenfels made a dumb move by trying to dive for the first down.  Raheem Brock and Dwight Freeney were there to make him pay.  Needless to say, he dropped the ball, and the Week 5 Defensive Player of the Week Gary Brackett scooped it up and returned it to the house.

So we were only down by 3.  Of course, Rosenfels will be more careful in protecting the ball, so there is still little chance for us to win, right?  Robert Mathis didn’t think so, and he used his amazing speed to catch Rosenfels from behind and strip the ball.  The Colts recovered.

So we had the ball in their territory with around 2 minutes left.  We don’t have a great redzone offense right now, so hopefully Vinny will be able to make a field goal to send us into overtime.  This team isn’t scoring a touchdown here, right?  Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne didn’t think so.  On the fade route (the best redzone route IMO), Reggie Wayne made one of the greatest catches I have ever seen.  The one-handed catch while keeping both feet inbounds cannot be described.  I’m not even going to try.  You had to have seen it to believe it.  It’s hard to believe that someone can catch the ball like that with one-hand while keeping both feet inbounds.  We were up by 4 with less than two minutes left.

We hadn’t stopped them all day, and we all remember the Jacksonville game a couple of weeks earlier.  Odds are they will come down and score and send Colts fans into a widespread depression, right?  The defense didn’t think so.  We didn’t let their receivers get open, and their drive ended with a Melvin Bullitt interception.

To sum it up, the Texans didn’t give us the game.  I’m not a professional lip reader, but I never saw Sage Rosenfels say, “Oh here, Gary.  Take the ball and return it for a touchdown.  I insist.  It would be our pleasure.”  Robert Mathis stripped that ball.  Gary Brackett stayed inbounds on that return.  Reggie Wayne made that one-handed catch.  A Colts player did all of that.  No Texans player did.  This wasn’t a gift unless you break the 7th commandment when you get gifts.  The Colts are not 1 and should be 3 or 0 and should be 4.  We are 2 and 2.  I have never seen a “should have lost” collumn in the standings.

The Colts won.  The Texans lost.  That’s all the score reflects.