Catching Up On 11 Days Of Colts News


First, I’d like to say that I am sorry about my disappearance.  I haven’t had internet for a while, and I’ve been pretty busy as well.  So in my isolation from the area outside of central Indiana, I’ve needed to catch up on my Colts news.  Here is some of the news that I have seen over the past week and a half.

~Roy Hall, Dan Federkeil, and Bob Sanders are the only players that will miss this next game because of injury.  My guess is Curtis Johnson, Marcus Howard, Jamie Silva, Tom Santi, and Jordan Senn will be the other inactive players.

~Tony Mandarich used steroids.  So Mandarich and Tim Couch both used performance-enhancers.  No high school health class can be as effective in promoting against drugs than those two busts.

~The news is not good on Ryan Lilja.  Phil B Wilson at the Indy Star has implied that we may not get Lilja back for the rest of the season.  Jake Scott is playing for a 4-0 Titans team right now.  Maybe Polian signed the wrong offensive guard.

~Fans are still petitioning for Warren Sapp to be signed.  I’ll be the leader for that one.  We need a Pro Bowl caliber defensive tackle, and Sapp brings that and some intensity to the defense.  Don’t forget that he is a former Dungy player.  Hopefully he would work out better than Simeon Rice.

~I don’t think that we are being too concerned for this upcoming game.  Maybe it’s because a lot of people are still focused on the preseason prediction for this team, which was a Super Bowl birth, but I am nervous.  Houston is a good team with a quick back in Slaton and a good pass rush.  DeMeco Ryans is hurt, so the Colts should try to exploit that.  Overall, I’m really concerned about this game.  We would have no chance of making the playoffs at 1-3.  That’s sort of depressing since the Colts playoff appearance has been a given for the past half decade, but hopefully it would just be a fluke.