Colts-Vikings First Half Notes & Thoughts


This is a terrible game to watch.  The Colts have no running game, and the Vikings passing game is weak.  There hasn’t been a touchdown.  Neither team has looked good.  This is a sloppy game.  The good thing is, the Colts are only down by 9.  They’ve played like a 4-12 team, but they could still win.

~Ugoh getting hurt is a killer.  Charlie Johnson has no chance of stopping Allen.  We need Saturday back next week so we can have some running game.

~Addai is getting no help at all.  There is no blocking, the playcalling isn’t too good, and he isn’t the type of back that can make his own plays.  I want to see Hart out there in the second half.

~The offense is pathetic.  I have no faith in them right now.  We need an offensive line.  If Ugoh is back, I can believe in the passing game.  Without him, we have no offense.

~The run defense is just as bad as it was in 2006.  Adrian Peterson is having no problem getting 10 yards a carry against them.  The good news is that Peterson is on my fantasy team.  You always have to look at the bright side.

~The pass defense, on the other hand, has been great.  The cornerbacks are hustling, making adjustments, and batting down the ball.  Tim Jennings and Kelvin Hayden have both looked really good this game.

~Hunter Smith still outkicks the coverage team, and Forsett has looked decent.  Special teams is not a concern of mine.