Ed Johnson Has Been Replaced


When Ed Johnson was cut, the Colts had a crisis at defensive tackle.  Raheem Brock, Keyunta Dawson, Daniel Muir, Darrell Reid, and Eric Foster.  The Colts HAD to sign someone before the Vikings game.  The Colts came through.  Sort of.

They didn’t sign Booger or Colin Ferrell.  They signed LaJuan Ramsey, the former Eagle and Niner.

He is 6-3, 300 pounds, so he is definitely a nose tackle.  He played in 15 games over two years with the Eagles and got 6 tackles.  He was signed by the Niners this offseason but didn’t make the final cut.  Ramsey went to USC for college and was one of their best defensive linemen during his 4 years there.  The team went 48-4 over his four years, so winning isn’t a foreign concept to him.

Ramsey is not going to start, however.  Dungy has said that undrafted free agent Eric Foster will be making his first career start alongside Keyunta Dawson.  Eric Foster is undersized for a defensive tackle, so I am surprised that he is starting.  To be honest, I thought Daniel Muir might have started even though he has only been with the team for a few weeks.

If you don’t understand the concept of the Tampa-2 defense, read the comments on the Indy Star article about Ramsey, and you’ll feel at home.  There really needs to be a law that you need a permit to post on the Internet.  Talk about bandwagon fans.