UPDATE: Colts Cut DT Ed Johnson


The Colts, in an effort to be the anti-Pacers they have been since Dungy came to town, have gone to a huge extreme and CUT OUR FRICKIN’ STARTING NOSE TACKLE!  That’s right.  Ed Johnson, who has had his fair share of legal problems during his stint at Penn State, is gone. 

Ed Johnson was regarded as being a first round talent who fell out of the draft because of his legal problems at Penn State.  Johnson was the only defensive lineman to start all 17 games last season.  He also won the Thomas W. Moses Sr./Noble Max Award, which not only has the coolest name out of any local award, but is given to, get this, a person “who has overcome adversity in his career, or whose on-field accomplishments exceeded normal expectations.”

Those adversities are back, and that’s why he is no longer a Colt.

I have one acronym to sum this up.

BBB: Bring Back Booger!