Colts News: Johnson Arrested and Good News About Saturday & Clark


It’s been a few days since the humiliating loss to Da Bears, and the news keeps on getting worse for the Colts.  Ed Johnson was arrested for speeding and possession of marijuana this morning.  Coach Dungy has already said that he would be suspended for the Vikings game.  That’s lovely.  We just lost our best defensive tackle for a game against a team with possibly the best running back in football.  This will only make the game tougher.  I have one question about this arrest.  He was speeding.  He was pulled over for speeding.  How did they find the pot?  What made them suspect Johnson was smoking pot?  He doesn’t look like any Pacers player I know of.

Here are some of the players that might replace him on the roster if that is necessary:

Booger McFarland.  He was great with us, and he fits Johnson’s role perfectly.  Hell, I say we sign him even if we don’t need to replace Johnson.  I miss Booger.

Colin Ferrell.  Let the bandwagon get rolling again.  I’m the driver, who wants to come on board?

Rod Coleman.  He’s a free agent, and he is perfect to play nosetackle (or overtackle, which ever one you prefer) in the Tampa 2.  The only problem would be how much money he would ask for.

Montae Reagor.  There is a difference in size, but maybe they could work it out.  I would love to see Reagor come back.

The Colts don’t have a lot of options.  They need Ed Johnson back.  They can’t suspend him for a long period of time, or else there is no way we will win the South.

In slightly better news, Jeff Saturday may practice soon, and Dallas Clark’s MRI showed no structural damage on his knee, and he could possibly play this week against the Vikings.  Saturday must be way ahead of schedule.  It’s only been two and a half weeks since his knee injury.  We need Dallas Clark to play against the Vikings.  He’s the ultimate mismatch, and the game changes completely when he is out there.  If Saturday could be back after the bye week, I would be estatic.

In weirder news, offensive line coach Howard Mudd is going to miss a few games because of knee surgery.  If this is a bursa sac injury, I’m going to flip out.