The Practice Sqaud Is Complete and Ferrell Is Nowhere In Sight


The practice squad is full now, but Colin Ferrell is not one of the two players who were just signed.  Neither was Kyle Shotwell.  The Colts missed out on two very good prospects.  Safety Brandon Foster and offensive tackle Dane Uperesa are the final two to make the practice squad.  To recap, this is what the squad looks like:

QB Josh Betts
RB Chad Simpson
WR Sam Giguere
OT Michael Toudouze
OT Dane Uperesa
OG Tala Esera
S Brandon Foster
S Jamie Silva

Missing out on Colin Ferrell is huge.  We all know that the Colts have questionable depth at defensive tackle, and they let a player with a great future slip through their fingers.  I am upset about that.  Linebacker Kyle Shotwell is a player that I thought should make the practice squad, but I am not too upset.  Word is he has signed with the Minnesota Vikings’ practice squad.

I have no idea who Dane Uperesa is, so I went to Wikipedia, the omniscient source of knowledge.  Uperesa went to Hawaii and started every game in his junior and senior year.  Last year, he signed a free agent contract with the Bengals after he went undrafted.  I don’t see why we kept 3 offensive linemen and no defensive linemen or linebackers.