Colts Aren’t Finished Making Roster Moves, Sign Two Players


This is something that I don’t like.  I follow this team from OTAs to preseason, and then they throw me off by signing these guys who were waived from the final roster cuts.  However, Polian did get two players today.

The Colts have taken former Lions linebacker Buster Davis (not the wide receiver for the Chargers) and former Packers defensive tackle Daniel Muir.

Buster Davis is a name I recognize.  He confused me greatly during the 2007 draft process.  I mean, what are the odds for two players to be named Buster Davis?  Buster?  That was frustrating when I start to think all the draft sites have gone crazy and counted a player twice.

Davis is a Tampa-2 linebacker.  That’s his style.  He is very small (5-9) and has good football speed.  He fell in the draft to the third round because of a bad 40 time (4.69) and was picked up by the Cardinals in the third round.  Apparently, the Cardinals were not impressed, and he didn’t even make the roster.  Davis was picked up by the Lions and spent last year on the practice squad.  Going into the draft, he was projected to go as high as the early 2nd round.  We got a 2nd round talent after the final roster cut.  He is a small yet quick linebacker.  With his signing, I see Jordan Senn getting cut then signed to the practice squad.

Daniel Muir is a complete unknown to me.  I know absolutely nothing about him.  I didn’t even recognize the name.  He was a UDFA last season and played in three games last year, getting four tackles.  Really, I cannot analyze this pickup.  I know nothing about him.  I don’t see a defensive tackle getting cut here though.  I think that Melvin Bullitt or Jamie Silva will lose their job.  Hopefully it is Bullitt and not Silva.  Bullitt has no potential.  Silva could be a good leader in the future.

I like the Davis pickup, but I am not too happy about picking up an unknown like Muir, who reportedly was good in training camp, and having to cut someone who has been with the team all summer.  However,