The Colts Season According To Madden


I decided to simulate a Madden season to see what the Colts would turn out to be.  This isn’t a true prediction since Peyton could tear his ACL in Week 1 in this game and not have it happen in real life, but it is interesting to see what a computer simulation thinks the Colts will do.

Since the roster is out of date, I updated it myself.  Gijon Robinson, Courtney Roby, Dan Federkeil, Eric Foster, Curtis Johnson, Kyle Shotwell, Jordan Senn, and Keiwan Ratliff were added.  Kenton Keith, TJ Rushing, Corey Hilliard, Josh Thomas, Jeff Charleston, Victor Worsley, Ramon Guzman, and Michael Coe were dropped.  I didn’t edit any other stats besides ones that needed corrected (like I turned Rushing into Roby, so his stats had to be changed).  Here are some notes.

~The only injury in the preseason was Melvin Bullitt breaking his tailbone.

~Going into the Patriots game, both New England and the Colts were 5-2.  We lost to Minnesota and Tennessee.

~We beat the Patriots 24-10, but Tom Brady was hurt so Matt Cassell was QB.

~After Week 9, the Steelers were the only undefeated team, Peyton was leading the MVP, Off. POY, and Top QB award races, Marvin was leading the Top WR award race, and Robert Mathis was the best defensive lineman and Dwight Freeney was 4th.

~Reggie Wayne broke his wrist and missed the entire year.

~Going into the final week of the year, the Colts were 10-5, and Peyton Manning was hurt against Jacksonville.  He had to miss the final week of the year, so I signed our good friend Quinn Gray.

~Quinn Gray won the game for us and we went 11-5, making the playoffs as the division winner, winning the tiebreaker over Jacksonville.

~All the Colts players choked and lost their awards, but we had 8 Pro Bowlers (Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Matt Giordano, Bob Sanders, and Courtney Roby as a returner).

~Peyton finished the year with 3380 yards, 27 TDs, and 10 INTs.

~Joseph Addai had 986 yards and nine touchdowns while Dominic Rhodes ran for 334 yards.

~Marvin had 1137 yards and 9 TDs, Clark had 752 yards, Gonzalez had 675 yards, and Aromashodu had 338.

~Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis both had 10 sacks.

~Gary Brackett led the team with 100 tackles.

~Matt Giordano had 5 picks while Bob Sanders had 4.

~Roby returned 2 kicks to the house and Pierre Garcon returned one.

~We played Jacksonville in the playoffs in the Wild Card round (the Chargers and Steelers had the first round byes).  We won 31-17.  Joseph Addai had 170 rushing yards and Tim Jennings had a pick.  Courtney Roby returned a punt all the way.  Peyton threw two TDs.  One to Marvin and one to Aromashodu.

~Next we played the Steelers and lost 28-14.

~The Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII 21-13 over the Bucs.

So according to Madden, the Colts will have a decent year and get bounced out of the playoffs early.  Even a video game listens to what the so-called “experts” have to say about this team.