Colts v. Bengals Preview: It’s Finally Over!


The preseason is coming to an end this week.  In 7 days, the NFL will kickoff, and on Sunday, September 7th, we will see the official opening of Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday Night Football.  So what is the goal for this game?  DON’T GET HURT!  The Colts are continuing tradition of dropping like flies, and we don’t need anymore injuries.  This will be the final game for some players, and some bubble players like Colin Ferrell, Kyle Shotwell, and Jordan Senn will need to look good to make the roster.

Cincinnati Bengals: 1-2
Leading Passer: Carson Palmer, 188 yards
Leading Rusher: Chris Perry, 101 yards
Leading Receiver: Jerome Simpson, 144 yards
Leading Tackler: Keith Rivers, 17 tackles

Indianapolis Colts: 1-3
Leading Passer: Quinn Gray, 525 yards
Leading Rusher: Mike Hart, 92 yards
Leading Receiver: Jacob Tamme, 133 yards
Leading Tackler: Jordan Senn, 25 tackles

On The Bubble

Jordan Senn, LB: Senn has been playing great this preseason, but remember that it’s just preseason.  Like I heard when he signed with the Colts, he is very fast.  He hasn’t really played against the pass, so maybe tonight we can see if he can bat down some balls.  He is about 50/50 on making the roster in my mind.

Kyle Shotwell, LB: Senn is at 50/50, and so is Kyle Shotwell.  These two are very similar players, but Senn is a little better against the run and Shotwell is a little better against the pass.  It could turn out that whoever has the best stats tonight will get the 6th linebacker spot.

Colin Ferrell, DT: I jumped on the Colin Ferrell bandwagon when I saw his Pro Day 40 time.  He’s 300 pounds, and it was around 4.9.  That amazed me, but he has shown that it wasn’t a fluke.  Ferrell has been getting in the backfield very quickly.  He’s had problems wrapping up, but I could see him making this roster to be the backup nose tackle for Ed Johnson.  Think about Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney, Raheem Brock, and Colin Ferrell on the line on third down.  And don’t forget about Curtis Johnson and Marcus Howard.  I am starting to feel bad for Kyle Orton.

Josh Thomas, DE: I have never been a Thomas fan.  The Cover 2 is built around getting to the QB.  Thomas can’t do that.  He is a run-stopping defensive end who has looked worse against the run than pass rush specialist Curtis Johnson.  I will be disappointed if he makes the team.  He just doesn’t deserve it.

Jeff Charleston, DE: Charleston has been much better than Josh Thomas this preseason, but I don’t know if he has done enough to get a spot on the team.  He played great against Washington, and he has been a solid tackler.  However, with the depth we now have at defensive end, Charleston may end up being the odd man out.

Quinn Gray & Jared Lorenzen, QB: Between Gray and Lorenzen, there isn’t a right or wrong.  We are going to keep a mediocre QB no matter what.  There isn’t much to say about this.  Gray is starting tonight.  Lorenzen started against Buffalo.  Whoever plays the best with the first team will get the job.

Courtney Roby, WR/RS: With TJ Rushing out for the season, Courtney Roby may have just squeezed himself into the 53 man roster because of his returning skills.  His 66 yard return against Buffalo was a thing of beauty.  He was cutting, breaking tackles, and showing bursts of speed.  With him, the Colts could see their first kickoff return for a touchdown in a very, very long time.

Michael Toudouze, OT: With Saturday down for 6 to 11 weeks, we have 8 linemen on the roster for September and October.  Dan Federkeil, Tony Ugoh, Jamey Richard, Ryan Lilja, Mike Pollak, Steve Justice, Charlie Johnson, and Ryan Diem may need some help for a while, and that is where Toudouze could step in.

Jamie Silva, S: Silva has been an energetic player.  You can really tell that he is giving his 100% to try to make the roster.  However, Brannon Condren may be the MVP of the entire preseason.  A year on the practice squad could be beneficial for Silva.

Tonight’s Depth Chart

Quinn Gray
Jared Lorenzen

Joseph Addai
Dominic Rhodes
Mike Hart
Chad Simpson
Kenton Keith

Gijon Robinson

Reggie Wayne
Marvin Harrison
Anthony Gonzalez
Devin Aromashodu
Roy Hall
Pierre Garcon
Courtney Roby
Onrea Jones

Dallas Clark
Jacob Tamme
Tom Santi

Tony Ugoh
Michael Toudouze
Corey Hilliard

Dan Federkiel
Jamey Richard

Steve Justice

Charlie Johnson
Tala Esera

Ryan Diem
Darren Marquez

Josh Thomas
Curtis Johnson
Ben Ishola

Jeff Charleston
Marcus Howard

Clint Session
Jordan Senn

Gary Brackett
Philip Wheeler
Victor Worsley

Freddie Keiaho
Jordan Senn
Ramon Guzman

Marlin Jackson
Tim Jennings
Dante Hughes
Keiwan Ratliff
Brandon Foster

Antoine Bethea
Matt Giordano

Brannon Condren
Jamie Silva

Adam Vinatieri

Hunter Smith

Justin Snow