Lucas Oil Stadium Pictures


Today I was lucky enough to get an all-access pass to the high school football games at Lucas Oil Stadium.  I was only there for the last two games, so I didn’t have enough time to see everything.  I will probably do a full-blown review tomorrow (spoiler: there will be a lot of 10 out of 10’s).  In the mean time, here are some pictures I took.

Press box

Roger Goodell does not want me visiting the instant replay guys.

He also doesn’t want me in the locker rooms.  This guy clearly hates fun.

More press box.

Sitting on the field around the north endzone.  Great view.

Here’s the roof closed.

Walking out of the tunnel.  Not the home locker room though.  I’m not sure where people would go through that one.

Nice view over the stadium.  You can see the Bank One/Chase Tower in the background, and the horse shoe that is sort of pointless.  When the stadium is full, no one will know it exists.

Sweet truck.

OK.  Those are the cell phone pics.  I hope that the camera pics works out.  The camera’s pretty old, so I will try tomorrow.

UPDATE: The pics weren’t working at first, but I think I fixed it.  I saved the pictures on my computer, posted them on my previous Colts blog, and then put them on Naptown’s.  Hopefully this works.  I don’t know what was going on earlier.