Colts v. Bills Preview


Tonight, Lucas Oil Stadium will host its first NFL game.  Sure, it’s preseason, but it’s still a milestone.  Remember the first four years of the decade?  We didn’t know whether the Colts were going to be in Indianapolis for much longer.  It seemed imminent that they would move to Los Angeles.  In late 2004, they announced that we were getting a new stadium, and here it is.  What was once a dream is now a reality.  We have the best stadium in the NFL.  We aren’t watching the Colts play in a bubble anymore.  Lucas Oil Stadium is finished.

Buffalo Bills: 1-1
Leading Passer: Trent Edwards, 122 yards
Leading Rusher: Xavier Omon, 60 yards
Leading Receiver: Roscoe Parrish, 69 yards
Leading Tackler: Ashton Youboty & John Wendling, 13 tackls

Indianapolis Colts: 1-2
Leading Passer: Quinn Gray, 367 yards
Leading Rusher: Mike Hart, 92 yards
Leading Receiver: Jacob Tamme, 121 yards
Leading Tackler: Jordan Senn, 20 tackles

3 Colts Players To Watch

Dwight Freeney: He’s back and hopefully better than ever.  It feels like forever since we’ve seen Freeney play.  Now his Lis Franc injury is healed and hopefully has no chance of reinjuring.  Now we need to see if he has lost a step or not.  For a speedy defensive end, injuring a foot can be the worst possible kind of injury.  If he still has his spin move, he will be able to dominate again.  If he doesn’t, I think we lost a lot of money with his contract.

Bob Sanders: He’s back and hopefully better than ever.  Bob Sanders hasn’t crushed someone for a while, and I’m sure he is dying to do so.  I feel sorry for the Bills running backs.  They are going to be demolished by Sanders tonight.  I’m never concerned about Sanders’ offseason surgeries.  As long as he is playing, the Colts have one of the three best defenses in the league.  Bob Sanders’ importance is unfathomable.  This team needs him on the field, so hopefully he will be 100% healthy.  Tonight we can see if he is back.

Charlie Johnson: Mike Pollak is hurt, so that means Charlie Johnson is the starting right guard.  Charlie Johnson was awful last year, and we need some protection for Manning if he is still frail against the Bears.  Johnson has to look good tonight or else I am all for giving Jamey Richard his starting job.

Bills Players To Watch

JP Losman: Trent Edwards is injured, so that means JP Losman will be starting this game.  Losman was terrible when he was a starter, and the injury-depleted Colts defensive line needs to get some pressure on him if they want to stop the offense.

Xavier Omon: You may not care about him.  I don’t really care about him.  However, he is really good on NFL Head Coach 09, so I will be paying attention to him.

Leodis McKelvin: McKelvin is one of the best rookies this season and a favorite for Defensive Rookie of the Year.  He’s been returning kicks and already has a touchdown.  On defense, he has five tackles.  McKelvin is good, and it will be a good test for Sorgi, Gray, and/or Lorenzen.

Lineup For Tonight

Jim Sorgi
Quinn Gray
Jared Lorenzen

Joseph Addai
Dominic Rhodes
Mike Hart
Clifton Dawson
Chad Simpson
Kenton Keith

Gijon Robinson

Reggie Wayne
Marvin Harrison
Anthony Gonzalez
Devin Aromashodu
Pierre Garcon
Onrea Jones
Courtney Roby
Sam Giguere

Dallas Clark
Jacob Tamme
Zac Herold

Tony Ugoh
Dan Federkiel
Darren Marquez

Jamey Richard
Tala Esera

Jeff Saturday
Steve Justice

Charlie Johnson

Ryan Diem
Michael Toudouze
Corey Hilliard

Jeff Charleston
Ben Ishola

Dwight Freeney
Josh Thomas

Ed Johnson
Colin Ferrell
Joe Bradley

Keyunta Dawson
Eric Foster
Darrell Reid

Clint Session
Ramon Guzman
Kyle Shotwell
Marcus Richardson

Gary Brackett
Victor Worsley

Freddie Keiaho
Jordan Senn

Marlin Jackson
Kelvin Hayden
Dante Hughes
Tim Jennings
TJ Rushing
Keiwan Ratliff
Brandon Foster

Antoine Bethea
Jamie Silva
Melvin Bullitt
Antonio Smith

Bob Sanders
Matt Giordano
Brannon Condren

Adam Vinatieri
Adam Crossett

Hunter Smith

Justin Snow