Two Defensive Stars Are Back


It’s been a while since Dwight Freeney’s been on the field, but he’s making his return on Sunday along with Bob Sanders.

Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders both have practiced for a while now, but this will be their first contact since November for Freeney and January for Sanders.  As if the game on Sunday couldn’t get any bigger.  It’s the Colts’ first game at Lucas Oil Stadium, and now it is the return of our two best defensive players.

The question is: Will the media still think that we have a bunch of injuries, because now Peyton Manning is the only notable player to not have played in a preseason game.  Marvin is fine, and now it looks like Freeney and Sanders are at 100%.  So will the “experts” cross injury concern off of the questions list for this team, or would that be too logical for them?