We’ve Got Our Secondary Logo


This summer, the Colts had a contest to design a secondary logo.  All we’ve had since the beginning of the Indianapolis Colts is the horseshoe, and the Colts apparently wanted another logo to be associated with.  I don’t know why they didn’t just use the old Baltimore Colts logo (you can see it here).  I love that logo.  I don’t like bringing in Baltimore artifacts, but that logo is brilliant.

But to get back on track, Brian Carpenter created the winning logo.  Here’s the picture:

I really like this logo.  It is fierce yet youthful, like a colt should look like.  It also doesn’t look like a blue Broncos logo, which is a plus.  Two horse mascots is sort of weird for a professional sports league, and it causes some problems.  The Broncos have some sort of trademark on an angry horse mascot, so that’s why Blue looks like such a tool.