Colts Milestones On The Horizon


Since Dungy became head coach, the Colts have had players put up monster stats almost every year.  With this expected to continue, a lot of current Colts will be holding team records and maybe league records soon.  Here are some of the milestones and records that may be passed or broken in this upcoming season.



Dominic Rhodes is only 77 carries away from passing Joe Washington for 12th on the all-time rushing attempts list.

Joseph Addai needs 220 carries to jump all the way up from 15th to 11th on the all-time rushing attempts list.  That would only be 13.75 carries a game.

Addai can reach 10th (2668) on the all-time rushing yards list if he gets 515 yards.

Rhodes is one spot ahead of Addai on the rushing yards list at 14, so he only needs 395 yards to get to 10th.

Addai could move up to 8th (27) on the rushing touchdowns list if he runs the ball into the endzone 9 times.

Rhodes, who has 19 rushing touchdowns like Addai, can move into the top 10 if he gets 6 touchdowns.  9 is out of reach for him.


If Reggie Wayne gets 4 touchdowns, he can pass Jimmy Orr for 3rd all-time on the receiving touchdowns list (50).  He would then join Raymond Berry and Marvin Harrison, two of the greatest receivers of all-time, in the top 3.


Adam Vinatieri can move into the top 5 in made field goals (70) if he gets 23 through the uprights.


Robert Mathis can move into 2nd all-time on the career sacks list (51) if he gets 9 sacks this season.

Raheem Brock needs two forced fumbles to join Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney to move into the top 3 all-time (10).

Gary Brackett needs 47 tackles to get into 8th all-time (363).


If Marvin Harrison can score 36 points (6 touchdowns), he will move into 2nd all-time on the scoring list.  He would be number one for all non-kickers.



If Peyton Manning can match his 2006 season with 362 completions, he will move to 6th all-time, passing Fran Tarkenton and Vinny Testaverde.

If Manning can match 2006 in passing yards (4397), he will move to 7th all-time, passing Dan Fouts and Drew Bledsoe.

If Manning can throw 37 touchdown passes, he will have 343, passing Fran Tarkenton for 3rd all-time.


If Marvin can regain his form and get back to his career averages (86 rec., 1162 yards, 10 TDs), he will move up to these places in the record books:

Receptions: 4th to 2nd, passing Tim Brown and Cris Carter
Receiving Yards: 5th to 2nd, passing James Lofton, Isaac Bruce, and Tim Brown, also passing the 14,000 yards mark.
Receiving TDs: 5th to 2nd-4th, depending on Terrell Owen’s and Randy Moss’ seasons.  He would pass Cris Carter.


Dwight Freeney only needs 1 sack to move into the top 75 on the all-time sacks list.