Colts v. Falcons First Half Thoughts


Marcus Howard’s sack was amazing.  He’s unbelievably fast.  He’s got a great burst.

Matt Ryan has really bad tunnel vision and holds on to the ball too long.

Besides those two long runs, the defense has been great.  Clint Session did well against the run too.

The passing game looks pretty bad.  Sorgi gets panicked too quickly.

I hope Courtney Roby wasn’t planning on making the roster as a kick returner.  He has no idea what he’s doing back there.

The running game has looked OK tonight.  Hart had two good runs and one bad one.

The receivers have been blocking really well.

The defensive line has been adjusting well to get pressure on the QB.

The kick coverage is still looking really good.  I’m excited for this season.  We’ve improved so much.

Colts MVP: Kelvin Hayden.  He’s leading the team in tackles with 4 and has the only touchdown of the game.

Colts LVP: Run Defense.  141 yards.  That’s 2006-ish.  At least it appears to be.  Take out Turner’s two big runs and it’s only 26 yards on 10 carries.  Still, if this was a regular season game, those runs would have killed us.  We can’t give up the big play.