Colts Roster Updates On Madden


The first roster update for Madden was announced.  There weren’t very many changes, but the Colts did end up on there in some capacity.  Here are the changes that were made:

FS Brannon Condren: Added to the roster

DT Quinn Pitcock: Retired

WR Marvin Harrison: Rating Up From 94 to 96

OLB Clint Session: Rating Up From 70 to 76

I still think that the roster will change some by the start of the season.  Here are the changes that I think will end up being made:

QB Quinn Gray added, QB Jim Sorgi dropped

FB/TE Gijon Robinson added, RB Kenton Keith dropped

RT Corey Hilliard dropped, DT Eric Foster added

DE Jeff Charleston dropped, DE Curtis Johnson added

RB Mike Hart’s rating up
WR Pierre Garcon’s rating up
WR Devin Aromashodu’s rating down
OG Jamey Richard’s rating up
DE Marcus Howard’s rating up
DE Josh Thomas’ rating down
OLB Tyjuan Hagler’s rating down
MLB Philip Wheeler’s rating up
CB Dante Hughes’ rating up

Those are all I got so far.  As we get further into training camp, the easier it will be able to tell who and who won’t make the roster.  They’ve said that they will release an update every other week.  Hopefully they will be accurate.  There will be more releases than last year, so there is no excuse for bad ratings.