Hall of Fame Game Preview


Obviously, I will not try to predict anything or break down the opponent.  I know nothing about the Redskins backups, and I won’t try to act like I do.  The final outcome of preseason games are useless.  We could go 5-0 or 0-5, and it won’t affect my final prediction on the season.

Players To Watch

Quinn Gray: We’ve heard good things about him from people who have gone to training camp.  Right now, I consider him the leader for the backup QB job.  This game could give him a huge advantage over Sorgi and the Pillsbury Throwboy.

Clifton Dawson & Mike Hart: This may be the tightest race so far.  Hart has amazing potential as a fullback in the Colts system.  However, so does Dawson.  Dawson has looked better in practice, but Hart is better at full contact than he is in practice.  I want to see who is the better receiver and short yardage back in this game.

Sam Giguere, Courtney Roby, & Pierre Garcon: Right now, I consider Marvin, Reggie, Gonzalez, Hall, and Aromashodu as locks to make the final roster.  After last year, I see one of these guys making the roster and either Garcon or Giguere (depending on who makes the roster) making the practice squad.  Giguere has great potential.  Roby has the most experience.  Garcon has looked great in practice.  This should be another tight race.

Mike Pollak & Charlie Johnson: This is a starting job competition.  I’m not a Charlie Johnson fan at all, so he will have to play very well to win me over.  Mike Pollak is our second round draft pick.  He’s expected to win this battle.  The right guard spot should be hard to get.

Marcus Howard & Curtis Johnson: Neither of these guys won’t make the roster.  Or at least I believe so.  What I want to see is if the Colts will be able to generate a pass rush if Mathis and Freeney would get hurt again.  These guys are two of the fastest rookie defensive ends in the league.  They will be expected to give the Washington QBs hell.  In another interesting development, Colt Brennan, the former Hawaii QB, is a backup QB for the Redskins.  Marcus Howard played for Georgia last year and dominated the Hawaii offensive line in the Sugar Bowl.  Colt and Marcus are very familiar.

Jamie Silva & Brannon Condren: The Colts will only carry 4 safeties.  Bob Sanders, Antoine Bethea, and Matt Giordano will most definitely make the roster.  The competition between Silva the undrafted free agent out of Boston College and Condren the unknown second year player.  I prefer Silva who showed great poise and leadership in college over Condren, who I do not know too much about.

Projected Depth Chart

#12 Jim Sorgi
#5 Quinn Gray
#13 Jared Lorenzen

#29 Joseph Addai
#38 Dominic Rhodes
#36 Kenton Keith
#30 Clift Dawson
#32 Mike Hart
#35 Chad Simpson

#87 Reggie Wayne
#11 Anthony Gonzalez
#83 Roy Hall
#80 Devin Aromashodu
#85 Pierre Garcon
#14 Sam Giguere
#10 Courtney Roby
#16 Onrea Jones

#44 Dallas Clark
#84 Jacob Tamme
#47 Gijon Robinson
#46 Zac Herold

#67 Tony Ugoh
#76 Dan Federkiel
#60 Darren Marquez

#61 Jamey Richard

#63 Jeff Saturday
#53 Steve Justice
#73 Doug Datish

#78 Mike Pollak
#74 Charlie Johnson

#71 Ryan Diem
#75 Michael Toudouze
#72 Corey Hilliard

#98 Robert Mathis
#91 Josh Thomas
#60 Curtis Johnson

#79 Raheem Brock
#92 Marcus Howard
#90 Jeff Charleston
#64 Ben Ishola

#99 Ed Johnson
#95 Darrell Reid
#61 Collin Ferrell
#69 Joe Bradley

#96 Keyunta Dawson
#68 Eric Foster

#52 Ramon Guzman
#49 Jordan Senn

#57 Brandon Archer
#51 Victor Worsley

#54 Freddie Keiaho
#59 Kyle Shotwell

#28 Marlin Jackson
#26 Kelvin Hayden
#20 Dante Hughes
#23 Tim Jennings
#34 TJ Rushing
#31 Keiwan Ratliff
#39 Brandon Foster
#37 Antonio Smith

#41 Antoine Bethea
#40 Jamie Silva
#33 Melvin Bullitt

#43 Matt Giordano
#42 Brannon Condren

#4 Adam Vinatieri

#17 Hunter Smith
#5 Adam Crossett

#48 Justin Snow