Pitcock Quits, So It’s Time For Another Roster Prediction


Quinn Pitcock has retired from professional football.  I guess he pulled a Ricky Williams.  Indy still hold his rights, so if he would change is mind like Brett Favre, he would have to play for the Colts.  Good thing that this happened at arguably our deepest position.  I’m sure some of the other defensive tackles can make this whole ordeal be forgotten.  Eric Foster, Keyunta Dawson, Darrell Reid, and Ed Johnson should do the trick.

Since Pitcock quit, and I have read some info about who’s been looking good and who hasn’t, I think it is time for another roster prediction.

#18 Peyton Manning: Do I even have to say anything?
#12 Jim Sorgi: He’s leading the competition right now, but The Pillsbury Throwboy (aka Jared Lorenzen) is sneaking up on him.

#29 Joseph Addai: Another Pro Bowler.
#38 Dominic Rhodes: I thought he got #33 back.  I guess it doesn’t really matter.
#32 Mike Hart: Freddy Keiaho nailed him, and Keiaho got some lip from Dungy.  Hart hasn’t been as impressive as I thought he would be.

#30 Clift Dawson: I’ve heard he has been impressive in camp, so why not give him a shot on the roster?  We’ve got some room.

#87 Reggie Wayne: Pro Bowler, again.
#88 Marvin Harrison: Future Hall of Famer back from an injury and looking great in practice.
#11 Anthony Gonzalez: After what I saw from him last year, I like the future of our receivers.
#83 Roy Hall: The freakish potential of Hall should get him on the field no matter what he looks like in practice (moot point since he’s looked fine).
#80 Devin Aromashodu: I’ve never been a big fan, but if he’s looked good in practice, he should be on the roster.
#85 Pierre Garcon: He could be our kick returner as well, but I am giving that to another receiver.  I think Garcon could surprise me.  If he runs his routes like Marvin (which I’ve heard), then he should get a fair amount of playing time this year.

#44 Dallas Clark: Great redzone target.
#84 Jacob Tamme: Wide receiver stuck in a tight end’s body.  I like!
#86 Tom Santi: Santi has a bursa sac infection like Peyton.  Maybe they can compare how bulbous and gross their knees looked.

#67 Tony Ugoh: The potential is scary for this tackle.
#75 Michael Toudouze: Toudouze and Federkiel are as equal as you can get.

#65 Ryan Lilja: Lilja stayed with the team while Jake Scott went to the Colts Trashcan (aka Tennessee).  Let’s see if he can continue being the great linemen he has been.
#61 Jamey Richard: 2nd day pick on the line.  We don’t need a high draft pick to find a quality lineman.

#63 Jeff Saturday: Pro Bowler.  Future Hall of Famer.  Not too uncommon on this team.
#53 Steve Justice: One of the rookie interior linemen.  Not a lot is known about these guys.

#78 Mike Pollak: Pollak has competition, but he should be the starter.
#74 Charlie Johnson: Johnson better improve or else he’ll struggle to make the roster.

#71 Ryan Diem: Always goes unnoticed.  Diem has been on this line since the Mora era.

#93 Dwight Freeney: He’ll be back and better than ever.
#92 Marcus Howard: Howard could end up being the steal of the draft.  He’s the fastest defensive end we’ve seen in a long time.
#91 Josh Thomas: This wasn’t meant to go numerically.  It just happened like that.

Over Tackle
#99 Ed Johnson: Big Ed could have a sophomore breakout year.  He’s a first round talent that fell for legal reasons.
#95 Darrell Reid: I guess he will have to temporarily replace Pitcock.

#96 Keyunta Dawson: With Brock changing positions, Dawson will be the starting under tackle.
#68 Eric Foster: Foster could end up being the gem of this class.  He is a natural leader and has a great work ethic.

#79 Raheem Brock: Brock has been moved to defensive end, and this will only help the run defense and the pass rush.
#98 Robert Mathis: Mathis became a great defensive end when he wasn’t a starter.  He should become another pass rush threat on third down.
#60 Curtis Johnson: This undrafted free agent could end up being a star pass rusher.

#55 Clint Session: Even when Hagler gets back, I think Session will be the starter.
#56 Tyjuan Hagler: His injury problem may cost him a starting job.

#58 Gary Brackett: His snub from the Pro Bowl last year was a major mistake by the players, coaches, and fans.
#50 Philip Wheeler: My prediction: Wheeler will be a Pro Bowler before 2011.  He’s perfect for this system.

#54 Freddy Keiaho: Keiaho should be a great linebacker if he is healthy.
#52 Ramon Guzman: Guzman is making this team because of special teams.  And that only.

#28 Marlin Jackson: What can you say about him?  He’s a great Cover 2 corner.
#20 Dante Hughes: Hughes at nickelback could make this team impossible to pass on.
#23 Tim Jennings: Jennings has one more chance to prove his worth.

#26 Kelvin Hayden: He is becoming a budding star in the Cover 2.
#34 TJ Rushing: Rushing has surprised me and became a quality corner.
#25 Michael Coe: Special teams for him.

#41 Antoine Bethea: Another Pro Bowler here.

#21 Bob Sanders: Bob Sanders tackled the inner-city violence problem…for a four-yard loss.
#43 Matt Giordano: Giordano is a hard-hitting safety, just like the starter.

#4 Adam Vinatieri: Another future Hall of Famer.

#17 Hunter Smith: Go Irish!!!

#48 Justin Snow: Long-snappers need some love too.

#14 Sam Giguere: Canada has a player represented on this team even though Federkiel didn’t make the cut.

Practice Squad
RB: #35 Chad Simpson
FB: #47 Gijon Robinson
OL: #76 Dan Federkiel
DL: #90 Jeff Charleston
DL: #61 Colin Ferrell
LB: #51 Victor Worsley
DB: #40 Jamie Silva
DB: #42 Brannon Condren

5 Who Should Keep In Touch
RB Kenton Keith
WR Courtney Roby
OL Darren Marquez
LB Jordan Senn
DB Brandon Foster