Training Camp Musings: July 26th


The injury bug bites again.  Melvin Bullitt and Philip Wheeler both got hurt today.  Bullitt had a sprained thumb, so he probably won’t miss the Hall of Fame Game August 3rd.  However, the news is not so good for Philip Wheeler.

Wheeler couldn’t finish practice because he “injured a knee”.  The fact that it doesn’t say “bruised his knee” or “sprained his knee” implies something much worse.  The same thing that cost Booger McFarland and Rob Morris roster spots.  Torn ligaments.

Phillip B. Wilson got a comforting quote from Bob Sanders in his blog.

“Asked how close he is to 100 percent, he said, ‘I’m right there. We’re just trying to make sure these next two weeks I’m completely there.'”

By “right there” I assume he means practice-ready.  “Completely there” means being able to play without pain or a chance of re-injuring it.

Hopefully we will see Sanders and Wheeler back on the practice field very soon.