Run Like Hell: Colts Rushing Projections


July 4th to July 23rd is a tough time.  There is nothing going on.  Besides the stupid Brett Favre rumors, the NFL is inactive all over.  So when I was searching through the blogosphere to see if there was any breaking news on the Colts, I found a fantasy football site that predicted the rushing stats for the Colts.  Fantasy Football Views made some bold predictions, and some of them were very bold.  However, there are some mistakes I have found.  Here are their predictions:

NameRushYardsTDsFumYard VarTD Var
Joseph Addai27011341601225
Dominic Rhodes75300214075
Mike Hart50198113090
Kenton Keith24100112570
Reggie Wayne1502820
Peyton Manning20-5231050
Jim Sorgi5-500100

No way Addai gets 16 touchdowns.  After the injury problems he had last year, there is no way he will be used in goal line situations as much.  That is what Mike Hart is for.  Hart will be used as a fullback-like back, similar to how James Mungro was used.  Hart will be used in the goal line and short yardage situations.

I don’t see Kenton Keith makng the roster, so take him off.  With his history with the law and his dropped pass in the endzone against San Diego have cost him a spot on the team.

Dominic Rhodes will get more than 75 carries.  He will be a major part of the team, like Addai was in 2006.  I see Rhodes having around 125 carries this season.

With all that said, here are my projections for what the Colts do in the running game:

Joseph Addai: 272 carries, 1243 yards, 7 touchdowns
Dominic Rhodes: 125 carries, 487 yards, 3 touchdowns
Mike Hart: 72 carries, 273 yards, 9 touchdowns
Peyton Manning: 9 carries, 10 yards, 2 touchdowns

Addai will make the Pro Bowl again, Rhodes will be a good change of pace back, and Hart will be a fantasy sleeper with all of the touchdowns.