Read It And Weep, Prisco


I loved Prisco’s top 50, but there were definite faults in it.  Even though he did a great job tackling the Brady v. Manning topic, some of his picks were, how do you say, questionable.  Here is my attempt at naming the top 50 players in the NFL.  With 1696 players on the active roster, cutting it down to 50 is tough, but here I go.

1. Tom Brady/QB/New England Patriots (Prisco Ranking-1): Ugh.  I hate this.  I hate putting Brady at number one.  50 touchdown passes does qualify him for this spot though.  This doesn’t feel right.  Do I have to put Patriots players on my list?

2. Peyton Manning/QB/Indianapolis Colts (Prisco-2): Ah, this feels better.  Manning in his downyear through for more than 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns, got his team a first-round bye while missing his top wide receiver for most of the year.  Scary to think of what he can do with the whole team in his “great” years.

3. Randy Moss/WR/New England Patriots (Prisco-4): When he’s not bumping traffic cops, he’s pushing off of cornerbacks and safeties to break the receiving touchdowns in a season record (although that title is complete bogus).  He should do well again this year, but not 20+ touchdowns.

4. LaDanian Tomlinson/RB/San Diego Chargers (Prisco-3): LDT is a Hall of Fame running back, but there are other backs in the league that are catching up to him.  Tomlinson can do it all: run, catch, and even pass.  He’s the definition of an all-around back.

5. Bob Sanders/S/Indianapolis Colts (Prisco-7): Sanders is definitely the best defender in the league.  No other defensive player changes a game in the way that Sanders does.  We’ve all seen what the Colts did on defense in 2007 as opposed to the Sanders-less 2006.

6. Jared Allen/DE/Minnesota Vikings (Prisco-12): Legal matters aside, Allen has moved into the category of a healthy Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeney as the game’s premier pass rushers.  He got 15.5 sacks in 14 games last year.  It is crazy to put him out of the top 10.

7. Antonio Cromartie/CB/San Diego Chargers (Prisco-NR): I have no idea how Antonio Cromartie was not ranked by Prisco.  Cromartie led the league in interceptions, returned a missed field goal for a touchdown, and he recovered 2 fumbles.  He was definitely the best corner in the league last year.

8. Adrian Peterson/RB/Minnesota Vikings (Prisco-15): Peterson exploded onto the scene last season, running for over 1300 yards, leading the league in rushing yards per game, and taking home the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

9. DeMarcus Ware/OLB/Dallas Cowboys (Prisco-9): Last season, Ware had the best season of his career.  He had career-highs in sacks and tackles, and he is only going to improve.

10. Walter Jones/OT/Seattle Seahawks (Prisco-16): Even though the Seahawks have no offensive weapons, the Seahawks have a top 10 offense.  How is it possible?  This man is the reason why.

11. Nnamdi Asomugha/CB/Oakland Raiders (Prisco-29)

12. Brian Westbrook/RB/Philadelphia Eagles (Prisco-20)

13. Reggie Wayne/WR/Indianapolis Colts (Prisco-22)

14. Steve Hutchinson/OG/Minnesota Vikings (Prisco-19)

15. Albert Haynesworth/DT/Tennessee Titans (Prisco-14)

16. Terrell Owens/WR/Dallas Cowboys (Prisco-13)

17. Jeff Saturday/C/Indianapolis Colts (Prisco-NR)

18. Champ Bailey/CB/Denver Broncos (Prisco-5)

19. Shawne Merriman/OLB/San Diego Chargers (Prisco-11)

20. Kevin Williams/DT/Minnesota Vikings (Prisco-10)

21. Dwight Freeney/DE/Indianapolis Colts (Prisco-25)

22. Ed Reed/S/Baltimore Ravens (Prisco-23)

23. Jason Peters/OT/Buffalo Bills (Prisco-27)

24. Richard Seymour/DE/New England Patriots (Prisco-30)

25. Braylon Edwards/WR/Cleveland Browns (Prisco-34)

26. Devin Hester/RS/Chicago Bears (Prisco-50)

27. Andre Johnson/WR/Houston Texans (Prisco-26)

28. Chad Johnson/WR/Cincinnati Bengals (Prisco-28)

29. Asante Samuel/CB/Philadelphia Eagles (Prisco-37)

30. Patrick Willis/MLB/San Francisco 49ers (Prisco-43)

31. Antonio Gates/TE/San Diego Chargers (Prisco-24)

32. Osi Umenyiora/DE/New York Giants (Prisco-42)

33. Tony Romo/QB/Dallas Cowboys (Prisco-NR)

34. Tony Gonzalez/TE/Kansas City Chiefs (Prisco-46)

35. Steven Jackson/RB/St. Louis Rams (Prisco-33)

36. Patrick Kerney/DE/Seattle Seahawks (Prisco-NR)

37. Mario Williams/DE/Houston Texans (Prisco-6)

38. Ernie Sims/OLB/Detroit Lions (Prisco-39)

39. Larry Fitzgerald/WR/Arizona Cardinals (Prisco-31)

40. Ben Roethlisberger/QB/Pittsburgh Steelers (Prisco-17)

41. Lofa Tatupa/MLB/Seattle Seahawks (Prisco-40)

42. Adrian Wilson/S/Arizona Cardinals (Prisco-NR)

43. Shawn Andrews/OG/Philadelphia Eagles (Prisco-38)

44. Tommie Harris/DT/Chicago Bears (Prisco-36)

45. Pat Williams/DT/Minnesota Vikings (Prisco-NR)

46. Aaron Kampman/DE/Green Bay Packers (Prisco-45)

47. Drew Brees/QB/New Orleans Saints (Prisco-35)

48. Brian Urlacher/MLB/Chicago Bears (Prisco-32)

49. Larry Johnson/RB/Kansas City Chiefs (Prisco-NR)

50. Plaxico Burress/WR/New York Giants (Prisco-NR)

Unranked Players On My List That Are On Prisco’s List:

Carson Palmer (8)
Charles Woodson (18)
Steve Smith (21)
Vince Wilfork (41)
Kellen Winslow (44)
Marcus Trufant (47)
Wes Welker (48)
Fred Taylor (49)