The Injury Bug Strikes Again


Last year, almost every starter missed some time.  Well, the injury bug is getting off on an early start as another starter is expected to miss training camp and maybe some time in the regular season.

According to, Tyjuan Hagler tore his pectoral muscle lifting weights last week.  Tyjuan Hagler missed 4 games last season after he received the starting job when Rob Morris went down.  Hagler had 54 tackles last season, including a 10 tackle game against the Panthers.

Even though it is never good to lose a linebacker, but the Colts will not lose a step because of it. Clint Session and Philip Wheeler will be the contenders for the job.  In the infamous San Diego game, Clint Session had two interceptions and 3 tackles in his only start.  Session played in 13 games overall and had 26 tackles.

Wheeler was the Colts’ third round selection in the 2008 NFL Draft.  Wheeler was selected to the All-ACC team last season, and he led Georgia Tech in tackles (89) while also getting 6 sacks.  Georgia Tech played a blitz style under former defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta.  He played middle linebacker, but with the Tampa-2 style, the transition to outside linebacker should be simple.  He fell in the draft because he was undersized just like every other Colts linebacker.  He has great potential, especially in the Tampa-2.

I would say that Clint Session is the favorite because of the experience, but Philip Wheeler is definitely in good position to take the starting job.