Colts Ratings on Madden 09


IGN released the ratings for every player on every team in the league, so we now know what the boys at EA Sports think about the Colts.  Here are the notable player ratings.

Best & Worst Player: Peyton Manning (99), Jamey Richard (64)

Best & Worst Morale: Hunter Smith, Adam Vinatieri, and Peyton Manning (99), Gary Brackett (85, only player under 90)

Fastest & Slowest Player: Tim Jennings (96), Corey Hilliard and Michael Toudouze (50)

Best & Worst Acceleration: Bob Sanders (97), Corey Hilliard (54)

Strongest & Weakest Player: Ryan Diem (94), Adam Vinatieri and Tim Jennings (40)

Best & Worst Agility: Kelvin Hayden & Bob Sanders (94), Corey Hilliard (48)

Best & Worst Awareness: Peyton Manning (100), Pierre Garcon (35)

Best & Worst Catching: Reggie Wayne & Marvin Harrison (97), Ryan Lilja (7)

Best & Worst Carrier: Joseph Addai (90), Multiple Players (40)

Best & Worst Tackler: Gary Brackett (94), Jim Sorgi (11)

Best & Worst Jumper: Pierre Garcon (95), Jeff Saturday & Hunter Smith (29)

Best & Worst Kick Returner: Tim Jennings (87), A Bunch of Guys (10)

Best Celebrator: Marlin Jackson (88)

My Thoughts: Wow we are fast.  The defensive backs all have acceleration of 89 or higher.  Peyton Manning is amazing as always.  Manning, Saturday, Bethea, Addai, Vinatieri, Mathis, Lilja, Brackett, Freeney, Diem, Sanders, Clark, Harrison, and Wayne all have ratings of 90 or higher.  Pollak is rated higher than Charlie Johnson, so he is the presumable starter.  The most underrated players are Anthony Gonzalez (80) and Clint Session (70).  Overall, this will be a fun team to play with.  A lot of interceptions will be returned to the house with this secondary.