Prisco Makes Top 50 Players List, Blasted for Being Too Perfect


Don’t you hate it when the media doesn’t set themselves up for being ridiculed?  That’s a pet peeve of mine.  Bloggers are always there to correct the media, but Pete Prisco has made his top 50 list near-perfect.  I’m sure you know who the top 2 players are.

Prisco dives into the very dangerous waters of Brady v. Manning.  I hate comparing these two, but Prisco does a great job.  Prisco has had Peyton as his number one player for a few years now, but that has changed after Brady’s MVP season.  However, he doesn’t say the idiotic “Peyton’s on the downside of his career” crap I’ve heard since the San Diego game.

"Manning had an off year, by number standards, in 2007. All he did was go over 4,000 yards passing for the eighth time in his career, throw 31 touchdowns and complete 65.5 percent of his passes, much of that without receiver Marvin Harrison on the field.Most quarterbacks would kill for those numbers.The great thing is we expect Manning and Brady to do it again in 2008. Why not? Brady has his entire offense back, a coach who lets him throw it around at will, and another year’s experience on his résumé. Manning expects to have Harrison back, and third receiver Anthony Gonzalez isn’t a rookie anymore.The first man to 40 touchdown passes wins."

I agree completely.  Although I despise the New England Patriots and anything associated with them, I agree that Brady deserves the top spot.  For now.  The first one to 40 TDs wins.  I could see this be a Sosa-McGwire type fight for the TD pass record.  Both of them have enough weapons to get the job done.

Prisco has a total of four Colts on his top 50 list.  Here is his take on the Colts players:

"2. Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts: Even Manning’s down seasons are sensational. If Marvin Harrison is back this year, watch out."

And Marvin will be back.

"7. Bob Sanders, S, Indianapolis Colts: The only thing holding him back is the injury issues. When he’s on the field, the Colts have a different defense."

His injury issue didn’t come into play last year, and *knock on wood* hopefully it doesn’t come into play this year.  Sanders is the best defensive player in the league.  No team has found a way to stop him.

"22. Reggie Wayne, WR, Indianapolis Colts: When Marvin Harrison was out last season, Wayne emerged as the team’s go-to receiver. The guess here is that is that it stays that way. He’s a true star now."

I don’t like Prisco having Wayne ranked lower than Steve Smith, but at least he recognizes his star power.

"25. Dwight Freeney, DE, Indianapolis Colts: He’s coming off a serious foot injury, which is a concern. It’s why his ranking is down. When he’s truly healthy, he’s a top 15 player."

Unlike others, Prisco doesn’t think Freeney’s foot was amputated and he’ll never be the same again.  It’s good to see logic in the mainstream media.

His top 10 was Brady, Manning, LaDanian Tomlinson, Randy Moss, Champ Bailey, Mario Williams, The Eraser, Carson Palmer, DeMarcus Ware, and Kevin Williams.  5 defensive players and five offensive players.  Palmer is ranked a little high, though.

My biggest beef in this article is the lack of Jeff Saturday.  I guess the multiple All-Pro appearances doesn’t make him a top 50 player in this league.  Not even an honorable mention.  I guess no one is perfect, not even one of my favorite writers.