Looking Way Too Far Ahead: Who Do The “Experts” Think We Will Take in ’09?


Right now, I’m watching the Netherlands-Russia game on ABC, and the suspense is killing me.  However, it is that short break between the end of regulation and extra time, and Naptown’s Finest is looking uncreative.  Maybe The Landry Hat-Black & Teal feud is making this blog feel boring.  Well, I was bumming around the Interwebs, and I found a 2009 NFL Mock Draft Database on Walter Football.  Let’s see who the “experts” think the Colts will take in 2009.

Sen’Derrick Marks/DT/Auburn: 5
Al Woods/DT/LSU: 2
Darrius Heyward-Bey/WR/Maryland: 2
Chase Coffman/TE/Missouri: 2
Peria Jerry/DT/Ole Miss: 2
Derek Pegues/S/Mississippi State: 1
Demonte Bolden/DT/Tennessee: 1
Maurice Evans/DE/Penn State: 1
Brandon Spikes/LB/Florida: 1
Tyson Jackson/DE/LSU: 1
Jeff Owens/DT/Georgia: 1
CJ Spiller/RB/Clemson: 1
Jeremy Maclin/WR/Missouri: 1
Derrick Williams/WR/Penn State: 1
Jermaine Cunningham/DE/Florida: 1
Trey Covington/DE/Maryland: 1
Marcus Freeman/LB/Ohio State: 1
Vance Walker/DT/Georgia Tech: 1
Greg Middleton/DE/Indiana: 1
Michael Johnson/DE/Georgia Tech: 1
Alex Boone/OT/Ohio State: 1
Demetrius Byrd/WR/LSU: 1
Greg Hardy/DE/Ole Miss: 1
Ricky Sapp/DE/Clemson: 1

Darrius Heyward-Bey is the obvious choice if he is left.  He’s a great receiver, and that is definitely the Colts’ biggest need this year.  A lot of defensive linemen were picked.  Strange since that is the deepest position for the Colts and all.  Michael Johnson would be a great pick for the Colts, though.  He reminds me of Dwight Freeney.  Johnson is a phenomenal pass rusher, and he runs a forty yard dash around 4.6.  He is 256 pounds, but he is faster than a lot of defensive ends.

Out of all of these players, Heyward-Bey and Johnson are the two I would want the Colts to take.