Top 5 Colts Draft Busts


After seeing a top 10 draft busts blog on Bear Goggles On, I decided to do one for the Indianapolis Colts.  Of course, it has been too hard to find draft busts from the Colts, so 5 is the number here.  This is from 1984 to today.  No Baltimore Colts picks.  I do not take anything from the Baltimore Colts as history for this.  Give the Ravens everything but the name and logo.  I want to unretire Johnny U’s and the rest of the Baltimore Colts players’ old numbers.  I’m only counting the picks made when the team was located in Indianapolis.

5. Jack Trudeau, Round 2, Pick 47, 1986: Just read the page for him.  It’s too painful for me to name the stats here.  If he was taken higher, he would be number one by far.  Luckily, he wasn’t taken in the first round and no Pro Bowlers were left on the board at that time.  He was awful.  His stats made me throw up in my mouth.

4. Rob Morris, Round 1, Pick 28, 2001: Morris is here because he was a Polian pick.  This is the only bad first round pick Polian has made with the Colts.  Morris did have great performances in the Super Bowl run, but he has never had a 100 tackle season and only has 1 interception in his career. 

3. Quentin Coryatt, Round 1, Pick 2, 1992: Coryatt had a semi-successful career, but nothing close to the expectations he got.  Coryatt is well-known for almost killing a player with the most vicious hit in college football history.  However, Coryatt did nothing spectactular besides his 150 tackle season in his 6 seasons with the Colts.  He retired in 1999 with the Dallas Cowboys.

2. Steve Emtman, Round 1, Pick 1, 1992: Emtman had all the hype in the world coming out of college.  Why wouldn’t he?  He may be the greatest defender the college game has ever seen.  However, Emtman struggled with injuries over his career, and he only played 3 years with the team.  He got 5 sacks in those 3 seasons.  He’s retired now and lives in Spokane, Washington, where he is the defensive lines coach for the af2 team Spokane Shock and has a career in real estate.

1. Jeff George, Round 1, Pick 1, 1990: Jeff George, the king of all Colts busts.  This is about as anti-Polian as a pick can get.  George was drafted by the Colts because he was a local kid.  Sure he was a fine QB in college, but if he went to Mount Carmel High in Illinois instead of Warren Central High in Indianapolis, would he have been taken over Blair Thomas or Andre Ware?  To be fair, both of those players stunk worse than George, but he was taken because of where he played instead of how well he played.  George was a wasted pick.  He only played 4 seasons in Indy due to his Phillip Rivers-esque immaturity.  He threw 41 touchdowns and 46 interceptions in Indy, and he never had a QB rating above 80 while with the Colts.  Just pathetic.

 Update: I admittedly forgot about Trev Alberts.  I actually was saving a spot for him, but my memory failed me again.  Trev’s spot was supposed to be at number 3, which would move everyone below him down.  Alberts was such a horrible pick, I don’t even feel like going into detail.  Pre-Polian drafting was depressing.