Football Withdrawal


I’ve got severe football withdrawal.  I’m a big baseball and soccer fan, but the MLB and Euro aren’t cutting it.  I’m missing football like crazy.

The spring football games and NFL Draft were a nice fix early in the offseason, but there hasn’t been anything good in football in a long, long, long time.

The latest Colts news is a meaningless comment by a rookie.

Strahan retired and Benson got cut.  In related news, the sun will rise tomorrow morning.  No surprises there.

No, the Arena Football League is not good enough.  Real football is played on 120 yard fields, not 66.

What happened to that spring football league?  The All-American Football League?  I was banking on that as a fix.  Spring and summer football leagues should be necessary.

NCAA Football 09 comes out in July.  Madden 09 and NFL Head Coach 09 come out in August.  The last 2 Maddens and NCAAs have been boring, but I still can’t wait until they come out.  I’m that desperate for football.

55 days until the Hall of Fame game.  NCAA Football comes out in a little more than a month.  Madden and NFL Head Coach come out right around the start of the preseason.

This next month is going to be tough.