Which Rookie Will Make the Biggest Impact?


On my previous site, Pro Colts-Stuff, I started a poll on which rookie would make the biggest impact next season.  Every rookie was an option.  Here is the results in order.

Jacob Tamme: 19%
Mike Pollak: 14%
Mike Hart: 14%
Marcus Howard: 8%
Philip Wheeler: 8%
Eric Foster: 6%
Tom Santi: 6%
Jamie Silva: 6%
Rudy Burgess: 4%
Steve Justice: 2%
Jamey Richard: 2%
Pierre Garcon: 2%
Curtis Johnson: 2%
Adam Tafralis: 2%

I voted for Mike Pollak.  I believe he will be the starting right guard, and he will make an immediate impact.  Jacob Tamme will, however, be a quality H-back and will make everyone forget about Ben Utecht.  The most surprising pick (besides Tafralis, when someone was trying to be funny) was Tom Santi getting a few votes.  I think he will end up as 4th on the tight end depth chart behind Gijon Robinson.