The New Kid On the Block


Hey, I’m Sam.  I’ve been blogging about the Colts for about 13 months now.  I’m a born and raised Hoosier living in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.  Since December 2007, I’ve ben blogging for my self-created blogger Pro-Colts Stuff ( for anyone interested), and now I’m the blogger for Naptown’s Finest.

I’m a die-hard Colts fan whose followed this team since birth.  I know this team inside and outside, and I am a more than capable blogger.  I will be an active blogger, so check back here frequently.  My goal is to be known as a smart and respectable blogger, and I plan to help the network become the premier blog network on the blogosphere today.

I am admittedly a homer, as you can probably tell from my blogger’s URL, but that’s just because I know the innerworkings of the Colts organization.  This team is going to be great.  So will this blog.