Here For Another Year!


That’s that! We can call Tony Dungy Coach for another year!

Dungy, last night in a special press conference on local news channels, reported that there was entirely too much press coverage and concern surrounding his plans for the future. To paraphrase: “I’m flattered that there is a special press conference to cover the fact that nothing has changed.” Humble man, you gotta love him!

Both Bill Polian and Jim Irsay were there to report the same. However, they were a little more vocal about Assistant Head Coach Jim Caldwell. Instead of the title Assistant Head Coach, Caldwell will now be called an Associate Head Coach. This is probably just a primer, as both Polian and Irsay said, putting Caldwell into a more prominent position to learn from Dungy so when Dungy leaves Caldwell is ready to take over as head coach.

So, all in all, there’s nothing to worry about except that the Colts do not have a 1st Round Draft pick (they traded it to San Francisco). Breathe easy, as of right now, the Colts seem to be intact for the ’08 season!