The First of Three Tests


The thing that sucks is that the Jags played at 99% last night, but the Pats played at a full-throttled 100%. The Patriots scored 4 TDs and 1 FG, while the Jags – and here’s the part that sucked last night’s chances at an upset down the drain – scored 2 TDs and 2 FGs. Both QBs were pretty spectacular, but the difference in their successes came in Brady‘s ability to push down the field vertically, instead of of Garrard‘s horizontal tendencies to throw it shallow to either Jones-Drew or Taylor, though he had a couple impressive runs.

Oh well, it’s nothing new…the Patriots won, the Jags couldn’t get the job done. Now, it’s for some real football!

The Colts play the Chargers today at 1PM EST on CBS. If you remember, the Colts had half of their starters out during the last meeting and fell to about 23 points behind at Halftime. Manning threw a personal record 6 INTs to the Bolts and completely took him out of the game. Today, we find our boys are back in Blue. We should be at near strength besides a few sprints to shake off the rust and dust and cobwebs in Marvin‘s knees. Also, it looks like the Chargers may be without one of their best shallow threats and run blockers, TE Antonio Gates, but as of a couple of hours prior to kickoff he is listed as Probable. Cross your fingers!