It’s Simple, Actually


It’s simple, actually, why the Chargers beat the Colts this afternoon. They simply outplayed us. Yes, you could say that the Marlin Jackson-hands-to-the-face penalty was crucial as it would have ended a significant drive in the Q3. Or, Marvin Harrison‘s fumble in the first half. You could say that Peyton Manning could have thrown those two INT-deflections better, but the fact is the ball hit the hands…There’s no excuse why they weren’t caught because the ball hit the receivers’ hands. So many reasons and excuses Colts fans could use for the loss today, but, come on, the Chargers obviously wanted it more. It’s just that simple.

Simple or not, this isn’t the bitter fan of the losers talking when I say that Philip Rivers showed absolutely ZERO class today when his punk ass was limping off the field after the Colts canceled him from the game.

The Chargers wanted it more so congratulations to them. Now…go and beat the effin’ crap-eatin’ smirks off the faces of those Patriots, would you?