More Bob Sanders Facts!!!


Since there have been several comments on the recent post of Bob Sanders facts and not everyone may have gotten to read them this is going to include the comments that were posted, and then some.  Just to give a little bit more of a tribute to the baddest man on the planet, and the future defensive player of the year.

Bob visited the new pope to bless the new pontif.

The grass grows greener everywhere Bob steps.

Bob’s jersey asked him for his autograph.

Bob Sanders is allowed to talk about Fight Club.–Brandon

When Bob Sanders does pushups the earth moves.–Rick

There aren’t animals that are extinct, there are only animals that Bob Sanders lets live.–Rick

When Bob Sanders is searched on the internet, in crashes out of pure fear of his image.–Mo Dollars

Bob Sanders knows the last digit in Pi.

Who ever said “the good die young” was probably in Bob Sanders Kindergarten class.

Bob Sanders doesn’t dream he is too busy giving other people nightmares.

Bob Sander Like his ice like he likes his Skulls… Crushed

Thanks to everyone who keeps posting more facts up.  We all know Bob is quite possibly hardest hitting player in the NFL and deserves to be the highest paid safety in the league.